Odor Resistant Rubber Dog Collar (Blue)


Our easy-to-clean collars come in one size, 24″ long. They are meant to be cut to fit your dog. The cut end will tuck neatly underneath the buckle and collar so it is hidden. Wrap the collar around your dog's neck, and leave 2-3″ of slack for a fully-grown pup. Allow several inches of slack for a puppy!


-Tuck the end of the collar into the buckle so you can show off your Pup Palette designs!

-Fits neck sizes from 10 inches to 24″

-Easy to clean: wipe off with a warm, soapy washcloth, or machine wash in a tied pillowcase

-Two adjustable Pup Posts are included with each collar purchase; use for attaching Pup Palettes or use as decoration


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