About Us

Welcome to Dances with Dogs LLC.
We create Pet Products.

Chris and Jenna - dances With Dogs, LLCDances with Dogs LLC is a US company born out of a tremendous passion for dogs, and a witness to the healing powers of our relationships with these incredible canines. As pet owners, we wanted to create a washable collar with detachable designs which would eliminate having to purchase several collars which eventually get stinky and have to be tossed.

We create original works of art for our Pup Palettes which you can affix to our easy-to-clean rubber collar. There are endless combinations of original designs and collar colors to choose from. Create your own masterpiece!

Dances with Dogs LLC donates a portion of all proceeds to charities which benefit not only our furry companions, but also those who find joy and healing from their pets. When you purchase from Dances with Dogs LLC, you can feel proud knowing you are also contributing to another person’s joy, healing, and perhaps helping someone find their new best friend!